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Solutions that ICBA Securities can provide to your bank:
• Bank Advisory -
Capital raises, mergers/acquisitions, strategic planning, valuations, ESOPs, stock options & more
(offered through ICBA Securities’ affiliate, Vining Sparks Community Bank Advisory Group)
• Asset / Liability -
More than typical data analysis, reports & reviews, ALCO meetings (your partner all the way
through review, strategy & execution)
• Investment Portfolio -
Strategies, analysis, Fixed Income sales/support & investment subsidiary asset
management support (offered through ICBA Securities’ affiliate, Vining Sparks Asset Management, LLC)
• Loan Trading -
Market makers in all loan types for community banks (SBA, USDA, Ag, Residential & Commercial,
Performing & Non-Performing, etc), profit maximization, origination support, etc
• Wholesale Funding -
Full-service wholesale funding support (issuing Brokered CDs, Repos/Reverse Repos, FHLB
Advances Analysis, etc)
• Interest Rate Products -
Increasing spread and income in the loan portfolio through interest rate swaps &
support of all types (offered through ICBA Securities’ affiliate, Vining Sparks Interest Rate Products, LLC)
• Executive Benefits & BOLI -
Analysis, consulting, administration
• Software & Support -
Online Portfolio Management, Asset/Liability Reporting, Bond Accounting, Safe Keeping,
Total Return Modeling
• Education & Research -
Ongoing education, industry leading research, proprietary analytics
A name you’ve known and trusted for over 20 years.
Your Wisconsin Balance Sheet Solutions Team:
Fred Kelly • Jonathan Ferebee • David Holsted
ICBA Securities is a member of FINRA/SIPC
ProvidingWisconsin Community Bankers
comprehensive balance sheet solutions.
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Securities execution services are offered by ICBA Securities Corporation a registered broker-dealer and Member FINRA/SIPC. Other services and products
mentioned are not insured by SIPC and may be offered by separate but affiliated companies. Please visit our website for additional important disclosures
and information.
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