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November/December 2014
Wisconsin Community Banker
Most of us are looking to save money any way we can.
Especially on things we can’t even see. Like insurance.
But inferior insurance is just plain useless.
That’s why a Home and Highway® policy from West Bend makes
sense. You get a special discount just for being a member of the
Community Bankers of Wisconsin. And if your property is damaged
or destroyed, you can count on West Bend’s fast, friendly, and
professional service to get you back where you belong.
Not to mention our policy is backed by the knowledge and
experience of an independent insurance agent.
just can’t afford to lose.
The things we care about the most are the things we
West Bend. Insurance you buy when you can’t afford anything less.
or the name of the one nearest you.
To find out more, contact an official supplier of the Silver Lining®.
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