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November/December 2014
Wisconsin Community Banker
Use Ours!
Bored with your Boardroom?
And stay to enjoy Chicago.
— David V. Nosbisch,
President of Durand State Bank
We took senior management and our Board of Directors for a day with FHLB of
Chicago and appreciated the hospitality as well as the insight of all. Comments
from the directors was ‘let’s do it again next year.’ Thanks again.
Promoting Innovation
Support during all financial phases and cycles is just one of many benefits the Federal Home Loan Bank of
Chicago provides to member financial institutions in Illinois and Wisconsin. We’d like to introduce a benefit to
promote member innovation—host your meeting in our boardroom.
While utilizing our new boardroom, you can also hear the latest news and views
from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago:
• Matt Feldman, CEO & President
discusses what’s happening in Washington and 7th District headline news.
• FHLBC Executive Team members
present strategic initiatives and benefits of membership.
* Schedule permitting
Member owned. Member focused.
Once your business day has concluded, please consider staying for dinner, a show, or an overnight visit. We’d
be happy to supply you with a list of suggestions and contact information to assist you in planning your visit.
For more information, please call your sales director or (312) 565-5700.
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