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Wisconsin Community Banker
November/December 2014
BOLTWinter Summit Focuses on Leadership, Mobile Banking,
Mary Lou Santovec
The second annual BOLT Winter
Summit drew 100 leadership bankers
to Wisconsin Dells in December. Rep-
resenting some 50 banks, the Summit
featured sessions on leadership, ethics,
mobile banking, and IT security.
Linda Haynes, learning and devel-
opment manager with Wipfli LLP,
spoke on “Leaving a Legacy.” Haynes
views “legacy” as something that’s cre-
ated step by step in the here and now.
It’s not “out there” in the future.
Legacy is grounded in principles,
not fads. Relying on the work of the
late Dr. Stephen Covey and his book,
The 7 Habits of Highly Successful
People, Haynes walked the audience
through the steps of Inside Out Lead-
ership that utilizes Covey’s work to
develop leaders. According to Covey,
leaders are not born or made — they
choose to be leaders.
Regina Barr also spoke on leader-
ship. Barr, a former bank marketing
executive and founder/CEO of Red
Ladder, Inc., presented innovative
ways to evaluate oneself as a leader
from the perspective of a follower.
According to Barr, followers judge
good leaders based on five attributes:
attitude, humility, loyalty, opportunity,
and popularity.
“Every decision you make, every
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