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November/December 2014
Wisconsin Community Banker
Locknet® Managed IT Services –
As IT Needs Grow and Staff Resources
are Limited, Locknet
Meets Needs
The Challenge
Having the necessary level of IT expertise with limited staff resources.
The Solution
Locknet® Managed IT Services fully managed IT offering —
“Information technology is changing at a rapid pace,” says Marty Reinhart,
President/CEO of Heritage Bank. “In order to compete in the financial services
industry, we need to constantly make investments in upgraded hardware and
operating systems. As a community bank with limited resources, we look to
our IT partner, Locknet®, for that.”
“With all of the other things
we have to worry about
in operating our bank,
Locknet® provides us peace
of mind that someone is
always looking over our
shoulder to keep our IT
area running smoothly.”
— Marty Reinhart
President /CEO
Heritage Bank
Heritage Bank has offices in
Spencer and Marshfield, WI.
product you buy, every time you get
up when your alarm goes off, you’re
leading to ethical or unethical behav-
ior,” said Dr. Denis Collins, professor
of business at Edgewood College, who
spoke on how to maximize ethical
Ethical leaders create a culture in
the organization where ethics thrives.
They start meetings on time because
if they start late, they’re setting an
example that others can “squeeze the
ethical line.”
There are competitive advantages of
being ethical, Collins said. In his book,
Essentials of Business Ethics, he noted
that ethical organizations tend to
outlast unethical ones. That’s because
they attract and retain higher quality
employees, customers, suppliers, and
investors, and they earn goodwill with
community members and govern-
ment officials. They achieve greater
efficiency and decision-making based
on more reliable information from
stakeholders. They achieve higher
product quality and employees need
less supervision.
Generation Y prefers having
Internet relationships with banks,
said Sherrie Krowczyk-Mendoza
of McGladrey, because they want
24/7 access anywhere. Krowczyk-
Mendoza and Corbin Del Carlo spoke
about both sides of the mobile coin,
access and security, during their
How can bankers provide what Gen
Y wants and monetize it at the same
time? Ad revenue from partnerships
can help make it profitable.
But with ease and 24/7 access
comes danger. “Gen Y doesn’t look at
mobile banking as anything special,”
Del Carlo said. Yet mobile banking is
the Wild, Wild West and a technical
way to steal money without a firearm.
And anti-virus software is “a crutch
we can’t lean on anymore.” Know what
is “normal” for your computer. When
you add new software, know who
should and shouldn’t have access. You
may not be able to prevent the bad
guys breaking in the electronic “vault,”
but you can prevent them from getting
out of it with the data that they use to
make money.
First Federal Breaks
BROOKFIELD—A groundbreaking
ceremony was held recently for a new
First Federal Bank location on Moor-
land Road and Greenfield Avenue in
Brookfield. Construction is scheduled
to be completed in the summer of
The overall development, known as
the First Federal Centre, will include
the bank building, at 4,500 square feet,
with office space available for lease on
the second floor, and a 6,300-square-
foot retail center immediately to the
east of the bank.
First Federal Bank of Wisconsin is
a $250 million institution headquar-
tered in Waukesha.
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