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Wisconsin Community Banker
November/December 2014
For the past two academic years First
National Bank-Fox Valley (FNB Fox
Valley) has sponsored student access
to EverFi-Financial Literacy™, a web-
based resource focused on teaching
the basics of personal finance. Using
the latest in new media technology
— simulations, avatars, gaming, and
adaptive pathing — FNB Fox Valley
has brought complex financial con-
cepts to life for students in the Osh-
kosh Area School District (OASD).
The 10-unit course offers approxi-
mately seven hours of programming
covering a variety of relevant financial
topics including credit scores, insur-
ance, student loans, taxes, stocks,
401ks, and other critical concepts that
map to state and national financial
literacy standards. The course tracks
progress to ensure that each student
has a positive experience. Students
who successfully complete the course
earn their EverFi Certification in
Financial Literacy, a mark of dis-
tinction on college applications and
The FNB Fox Valley My Financial
Future Program impacted 533 Osh-
kosh area students this past school
year. FNB Fox Valley is proud to bring
this important resource to the com-
munity in an effort to help students
become more informed and finan-
cially responsible citizens, and has
committed to fund the program annu-
ally through the 2017–2018 school
FBFC Participates in
Oconomowoc’s True Blue
Oconomowoc branch True Blue participants,
from left: Chris Wanner, Todd Scheid, Benjamin
DeRemer, Gale Zastrow, Morgan Rindahl, and
Ginger Gates-Sudol
OCONOMOWOC—On Nov. 7, First
Bank Financial Centre (FBFC) par-
ticipated in Oconomowoc’s True Blue
Day. This initiative was created by
Oconomowoc businesses in an effort
to fill the food pantry shelves before
the holidays and help fight hunger in
the community. Employees of partici-
pating companies could wear jeans on
Friday, Nov. 7, if they made a food or
monetary donation.
Thanks to the generosity of First
Bank Financial Centre employees,
FBFC collected 240 non-perishable
items of food and $240 in monetary
Bank Contributes to
Stuffing a Bus for Local
Food Pantry
WHITEWATER—Commercial Bank
donated $5,000 to the Stuff the Bus
Project for the Whitewater Food
The project raised a total of 6,630
pounds of donated food items and
cash donations of $2,407 in addition
to the contributions from the bank
and the Kachel Family Foundation,
which also donated $5,000.
FBFC and Ebert’s Greenhouse Donate Thanksgiving
For the fourth
consecutive year,
First Bank Financial
Centre (FBFC) and
Ebert’s Greenhouse
joined forces to raise
money to purchase
Thanksgiving meals
for families in need
in the Oconomowoc
FBFC and Ebert’s
partnered with Piggly
Wiggly in Oconomo-
woc to purchase food
items for these meals.
All meals included
a Thanksgiving
turkey, apple juice,
fruit cocktail, green
beans, corn, cran-
berry sauce, stuffing,
mashed potatoes,
gravy, orange and
strawberry Jell-O,
corn bread, and muf-
fin mix. “Piggly Wiggly was incredibly
helpful, and worked … to purchase
the largest quantity of food for our
donation. This year, we were able to
feed 60 area families and hopefully
made their Thanksgiving just a bit
more special,” said Heather Kolter-
mann of FBFC’s Corporate Marketing
The money for the meals was raised
during a fundraiser that took place
during November at Ebert’s Green-
house. For every pumpkin sold during
this time period, FBFC and Ebert’s
each donated a dollar — for a grand
total donation of $1,000.
On Nov. 21, FBFC and Ebert
employees assembled the 60 meals at
the First Congregational Church of
Oconomowoc, where families then col-
lected their Thanksgiving meals.
Pictured (beginning top left to right): Chris Wanner, FBFC corporate
customer service manager; TouGer Lee, FBFC IT director; Scott Berther,
Ebert’s Greenhouse; David Kroll, Ebert’s Greenhouse; Dave Charpentier,
Ebert’s Greenhouse; Sally Schoenborn, FBFC branch manager; Diane
Mayhugh, FBFC administrative assistant; Stacey Balistreri, FBFC senior
credit analyst; Todd Scheid, FBFC branch manager; Ashley Toth, FBFC
retail loan operations assistant; Tim Roskopf, FBFC assistant facilities
manager; Katelynn Jorgenson, FBFC personal banker; Rosie Rutkowski,
FBFC relationship banker; Mark Mohr, FBFC president and CEO; Ryan
Johannes, FBFC business analyst; Wendy Quaden, FBFC branch manager;
and Heather Koltermann, FBFC business lines marketing coordinator
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