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Wisconsin Community Banker
November/December 2014
First National Bank
Baseball Field
RIVER FALLS—Over 2,000 commu-
nity members turned out for opening
night at First National Bank of River
Falls Field this past June, and the field
hosted over 70 games this summer for
the River Falls Amateur Fighting Fish
and local Legion teams. First National
Bank of River Falls Field was also
awarded the 2014 Wisconsin Baseball
Association playoffs, state finals, and
championship game.
First National Bank of River Falls
donated $100,000 for the naming
rights of the ballpark. “We are very
proud to support this community ball-
park,” said Jeff Johnson, First National
Bank of River Falls (FNBRF) president
and CEO. “The field is beautiful and
has already proven to be a go-to spot
for families to enjoy a night out.”
The River Falls Baseball Council
(RFBC), a local nonprofit, spear-
headed fundraising efforts. After
over $250,000 of monetary donations
and countless volunteer hours the
completed project is comparable to a
$2-million ballpark.
Kristin Wiersma, FNBRF market-
ing officer, serves on the RFBC Execu-
tive Board added, “Having our named
tied to a healthy, family friendly
activity is a brand booster. Traditions
such as kids catching foul balls for a
quarter or running the bases after the
games have been a joy to see.” These
activities have been shared widely via
social media.
Banks Support Art
Center Project
Bank has pledged $100,000 to the
Confluence Project, named for the
junction of the Eau Claire and Chip-
pewa rivers in Eau Claire.
The money will help fund the proj-
ect’s new performing arts center, to be
located at what is commonly referred
to as the Haymarket site. The site will
also include commercial/retail space
and a student housing complex for the
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.
Northwestern Bank has had a
branch in Eau Claire for the past
“As a community bank it is our
duty to respond to the needs of
each community we serve, not only
through loans but donations as well,”
said Gerald Jacobson, Northwestern
Bank president. “We are proud to
support the Confluence Project. This
donation will benefit the Eau Claire
community and the entire Chippewa
Valley, as many people will be able to
enjoy the new community arts center.”
Also contributing to the project
is Merchants Bank, which pledged
$50,000. Headquartered in Winona,
Minn., Merchants has 21 locations in
Wisconsin and Minnesota including
those in Eau Claire and Onalaska.
The Confluence Project is sup-
ported by a public-private partnership
that seeks to construct the arts center.
A privately developed commercial/
retail complex that includes hous-
ing for University of Wisconsin-Eau
Claire students is also part of the plan.
The Eau Claire City Council has
pledged $5 million toward the arts
center. The project seeks an additional
$25 million in state funding and $5
million from Eau Claire County. The
remaining arts center construction
costs are being sought from donations
and tax credits.
FBFC Launches Holi-
Days Giving Program
Financial Centre launched a Holi-
Days of Giving program this fall. The
bank invited community members to
nominate local charities and individu-
als who could benefit from cash gifts.
In December the bank will dis-
tribute $500 checks to 12 nonprofits
and gifts of up to $500 in value to 12
families or individuals. Each of the
bank’s 12 area branches will distribute
one of the nonprofit donations and
one of the gifts.
“We have a long history of giving
back and supporting the communi-
ties we serve. It’s a commitment that’s
woven into our culture and spirit,” said
Mark W. Mohr, president and CEO
of First Bank Financial Centre. “We
hope our gifts will be used in all sorts
of ways to bring joy. We’d love to fly
grandma home for the holidays, fund
care packages for military troops over-
seas, or give a local charity a boost.”
Greenwoods Spreads
Breast Cancer Awareness
LAKE MILLS—Greenwoods State
Bank helped spread awareness about
breast cancer by distributing pink
ribbons this fall. Also for every check-
ing account opened in October, the
bank donated $5 toward breast cancer
Greenwoods has locations in Lake
Mills, Evansville, and Monticello.
Students Experience
Web-Based Financial
Literacy Program
OSHKOSH—Over 500 Oshkosh
North and Oshkosh West High School
students dedicated more than 2,380
hours last school year to the FNB Fox
Valley My Financial Future Program.
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